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From: Dash Jarrod
Subject: Force of One 3Disclaimer: This story is totally fictional. If the
character resembles anyone from your life, that is just
coincidence. Any celebrity involved in this story may or
may not korea bbs preteen
be homosexual. If you are under 18 please don't
After I said this, I turned around and ran. I decided
that I didn't want to see his reaction. I was too new to
this school to be ridiculed beyond belief. I know this was
probably the stupidest thing I could have done at this
point, but I wasn't thinking clearly. I don't know what I
was thinking when I said that.
I don't know where I thought I was going, I just
started running in the opposite direction of Andrew. I
just ran until I couldn't run anymore. I don't know why,
but when I stopped running, I stared to cry. I think I may
have just been overwhelmed but I don't know. I couldn't
help but cry. I just came out to someone I have a huge
crush on, plus that person is someone I just met. Those
factors don't make a good combination. I was mentally
kicking myself for coming out at the start of a friendship,
but I didn't want to hold anything back from him. I didn't
think that would be fair.
After I settled down, I was just sitting there trying
to avoid every living soul on campus. I knew preteens fucking preteens that if he
reacted badly, he would spread the news that I was gay to
every living soul fucked preteen pussy there. This was the reason I was hiding.
I just wanted to disappear. Unfortunately for me, I was
still enrolled there for school. I planned on going
through with this, but I didn't want to face anyone at hardcore preteen tgps
All of a sudden I felt someone come up behind me. I
turned and prepared to run, but then I remembered that I
didn't know where I was or where I would run. When I
turned around, I realized it was Andrew. This was either a
very good thing, or a very bad thing.
It was then that Andrew said, "Listen, I don't care
that you are gay. Its fine with me."
I audibly sighed at hearing this.
I then preteens vintage
said, "Boy am I glad to hear that, it makes me
feel so much better knowing that I don't have to avoid you
and that you won't beat me up knowing that."
He then stated, "Even if it wasn't ok with me, korea bbs preteen I would
probably still be friends with you anyway."
I then said, "This doesn't surprise me."
I then asked, "Why are you being so nice to me, you
don't even know me?"
I just had to ask that, it would have driven me lifestyle photography preteen crazy
not knowing why he was so nice to me.
Andrew replied, "I can't help but be nice to people,
even people I don't know. I am way too nice to people for
my own good. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
The only time I don't like people is when they prove that
they aren't good people, but even then I tend not to hate
them, I just don't talk to them."
It was then that I realized we had a sexies preteen girls few things in
common. So I stated, "I don't know if I should say this or
not but I am going to anyway. I have noticed while talking
with you that we have a few things in common. We both give
people the benefit of the doubt until they prove us wrong.
We both are telepathic and are way too nice for our own
After I said this, I started to cower just the
slightest bit because I didn't know how he would react to a
statement like that.
He laughed at my statement and then said, "Yeah, I
guess we do have a few things in common. That should just
make us better friends. I do hope that we can become
really good friends, that is of course if you still want to
be my friend."
I was shocked to say the least. He still wanted to be
my friend. I then stated, "Of course I still want to be
your friend, I wasn't sure about nn preteen ls
whether you would want to
be mine after the statement I made earlier, but preteen sleep nude I am glad
that you are ok with all of this. I just had to tell you
what I was feeling; I didn't think it would be fair to you
if I were dishonest at all in our friendship. I figured I
might as well get it out in the open now, instead of
waiting until we were really great friends. If I waited
and you reacted badly then I would have lost a friend, but
if I told you now then I didn't lose all that much."
He then replied, "You would have lost a prospective
friend if I reacted badly."
I then realized that this was true. I risked not
quite as much by telling him now but I did risk some. Boy
was I ever glad he didn't preteens fucking preteens care. When we finally finished
talking and headed back to the school, with directional
help from Andrew, it was time for bed. When we got to my
room, we just stood there for a minute staring into each
other's eyes before we turned and headed our separate
directions. As he was walking away, I couldn't help but
look him up and down while he walked away. Boy did he have
a nice body.
As I was falling asleep, I couldn't help but think
about him. He was all that was on my mind. While sleeping
I imagined myself kissing him on his red pouty lips. While
we were kissing, I got to look directly into those
beautiful eyes. I don't think there is a single thing
about him that isn't awesome. As I get to know him more,
my crush on him is growing exponentially. Before I knew
it, it was morning and I had to get up. I seriously was
considering skipping my class so I could continue to dream
about Andrew but then I remembered that he was in my class
and I would get to see him in person. Seeing the object of
your affection in person is always preferable to imagining
him in preteen star bbs
your mind.
My classes were easier today because I didn't have to
worry about keeping my secret from everybody. My only new
friend knew and he was all right with it. This took a
great weight off my back and so I was able to concentrate
more on my studies, although having Andrew a few feet away
was still a big distraction. Although I tried not to stare
too much, I didn't succeed. Every once in a while I would
catch him looking over in my direction. I didn't really
let sexy preteen beach myself think too much about this, but I knew I was
hoping that he was feeling something towards me and wasn't
telling me.
My morning was pretty uneventful, except for every
once hardcore preteen tgps
in a while I caught Andrew looking at me. My
afternoon was spent once again with Jean. This time she
taught me how to move things without having to close my
She started out by saying, "Imagine shooting an
invisible force out of your mind gigi s preteens
to move the object that
you want to."
I tried and sort of got it but I needed to work on it
a few times till I had it down.
Once I had it down I asked, "How long did it take you
to learn everything you are going to teach preteens vintage
She answered, "I was a pretty quick study, although I
knew how to use some of my power before I came here.
Although I don't think I was quite as quick on the pickup
as you are, but you would have india pornpreteens to ask the professor. By
the way, he is planning on coming down to see how we are
getting along. You can show him how much you can do incest preteen fiction
what you learned."
I then asked, "Do you really think I am prepared
enough to show the professor what I can do?"
She answered, "I am confident in your abilities, and
as you use them more you will become more confident in them
as well."
I then stated, "Thanks."
It was then that the door to the room we were in
opened and in came Professor X. As soon as he entered the
room I knew he was asking me to show him what I could do
with my telekinetic abilities so far. He asked this
without actually speaking of course. He did this so that I
would get used to speaking with my telepathic abilities as
well as using my voice.
I then stated, "I don't know how to do that yet, I
haven't learned anything about my telepathic abilities
He then replied, "You may not have learned anything
about them from Jean or anyone else but you do know how to
speak with them. You came here knowing how to do this."
His statement made me gasp. Did I really know how to
speak with my telepathic abilities before I came here or
was it just a fluke that I knew how to use them to some
extent? I didn't know but I didn't want to ask that
question either. It was then that I decided to show the
professor what I could do with my telekinetic abilities.
The first thing I did was lift the table that was in front
of me followed by the table at the end of the room. I then
lifted a few things at once. Mind you it was nothing too
heavy because I didn't know if I could lift things very
heavy. After I had done this, I heard a voice in my head
telling me that I had done a good job showing the professor
what I could do after only two days of instruction. I just
slightly nodded in Jean's direction to show a response. I
wasn't as worried about her reaction to what I showed the
professor, as I was his. He didn't respond for a little
while then headed out into the hallway, followed by Jean.
This made me a little apprehensive. It didn't take them
long out in the hall, and then Professor X came in and said
that I had done very well and that that would be all for
the day. I think I was beaming after his remark about my
little demonstration.
After I left, I went outside to sit alone and think
about the professor's comment. I was really curious about
how I knew how to speak with my telepathic abilities
without actually being taught how to. The only thing I
could come up with was my comics, once again. I don't know
why but my comics seem to be coming up a lot. I don't know
if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
After I had thought about that for long enough, I
decided to try to use my telepathic abilities to talk to
Andrew. I hope he isn't weirded out by my contacting him
this way. The only thing I could think of on how to do
this was to think about who I wanted to preteen extrem model talk to and project
my thoughts to him. So, I thought a hello out to him
although I don't know if he received it. The only thing
that confirmed that he received it was the fact that I got
a hello back from out gays preteens of nowhere. We started talking that
way and continued for a while until he had to go do
something else. I guess the professor was right about me
knowing how to talk with my telepathic abilities.
I think I am going to have to talk to the professor
about that the next time I see him. I am curious as to how
he knew I knew how to use them. I also think I should
bring up the dream I was having night after night, it
should be interesting to see how he interprets that. I
also wonder if that is how he and magneto found me, I guess
I will just have to find that out for myself. We shall see
what that conversation reveals.
Well, that's it for another chapter. Please, please,
please tell me what you think. I haven't gotten a single
response to this story yet, but would love to hear what you
have to say. You can contact me at
Thanks for reading.
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